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Zūm is the leader in safe and reliable rides and care services for busy families, when and how they need it – 7 days a week for kids ages 5 and up. Need to get the kids to school every day? Have recurring needs for soccer practice or ballet class? Want to set up a carpool with neighbors? Zūm is there to help manage those and simplify your life, while giving you peace of mind.  


In the Driver app, drivers cannot see any pickup and drop-off instructions as well as pickup passwords for a particular ride until they start the ride. Even after starting the ride, that information is still a tap away (on a separate screen), making it difficult for them, sometimes even missing it altogether.

Ride delivery flow before

Zum Driver App before app screens

New design wireframe explorations

Zum Driver App wireframes


After several iterations and user feedbacks via remote and in-office user testings, the final ride delivery designs addressed key user needs and issues such as surfacing contextual information at the appropriate time for drivers during and after a ride. In the new design, before starting a ride, drivers can see a detail view of their ride, have the ability to see pickup/drop-off instructions, have access to directions and photos of locations as well as kids profiles; all of this helping them prepare ahead of time should they choose to. During a ride delivery, only specific instructions, kids profiles and directions/photos of that location is visible, to not distract them from what they’re doing. After a ride delivery, drivers can see how much they’ve earned, rate their ride and provide feedback if they’d like.

New ride delivery experience (See prototype)

Zum Driver App upcoming ride screens
Zum Driver App pickup screens
Zum Driver App dropoff screens

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